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An interpretation of an angel by UK artist, Naomi Walker


Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral

A modern, digital image of an angel

Modern Angel Depiction by a Digital Artist

Birth of Angels, a painting of angels in the cosmos

Birth of Angels

Traditional Angel Statues

Traditional Angel Statues

A female angel image

Modern Female Angel Image

Naomi Walker's Golden Healing Angel

Golden Healing Angel

What on Earth Are Angels?

Are Angels Real? A Good Question...

On the Earth plane, angels seem to take on many different forms - usually appearing or communicating with someone in line with their current belief of what angels should look or sound like. For example, if you believe that angels are tall, willowy, attractive beings with piercing blue eyes, that is probably how you will perceive them. I believe that it's easy for angels to change form as they are energy beings. This means that your angels are very probably nothing like my angels and so on! At source they are pure energy so any ‘visible’ characteristics are very likely your own interpretation.

For some people, angels are as real as the earth we walk on. For others, they are nothing but nonsense. Our beliefs are varied but what does unite many of us is an interest in angels and how they affect our lives.

Traditional Interpretations of Angels

Angels are referred to throughout the world by many cultures and religions. In the traditional sense, angels are widely believed to be messengers from God. Other roles they are attributed with include protecting and guiding human beings. Some cultures also claim they are responsible for various tasks assigned to them by the supreme divine being – whatever or whoever that might be according to your belief system.

The theological study of angels is called angelology and the topic is expansive and complicated. Different beliefs propose different 'systems' within which angels operate. There are guardian angels, archangels, seraphim, cherubim, dominions, powers and principality angels – all accredited with different abilities and roles. Separate groups of angels are described as choirs which are then arranged into spheres. Many people believe that there is a distinct hierarchy of angel power.

Modern Interpretations of Angels

As humankind has evolved, so our interpretations of angels and the powers they possess have changed. Today, there are hundreds of different 'angel authorities' that propose their own beliefs. Opinions differ greatly. However, many agree that angels are a positive source of energy and are generally here to help us in times of need. The exception to this widely held belief is Lucifer - the fallen angel - held by some religions as a force of evil and negativity.

The study of angels has never been a simple task and modern day interpretations have done little to clarify the topic. If anything, there are now even more variations to subscribe to, should you choose to do so.

My Own Interpretation of Angels

My own views on angels are not complicated. Firstly, I don't follow any religion, so my views are not entirely based on anyone else's interpretations. I strongly believe that everyone is entitled to believe in exactly what they choose to. I don't believe that anyone is right or anyone is wrong in this matter. Our widely differing opinions on what angels may be and what they can do is a wonderful example of the complexity of being human.

My current beliefs are founded on my own experiences. I also suggest that we interpret our experiences based on belief systems that are instilled in us from childhood by the teachings and beliefs of those around us. Therefore, I'm open to the idea that my own interpretations are likely to be influenced by by own inherent belief system – unique to me. I was brought up as a Christian and my early experiences of angels involved images of a more traditional type – wings, halos and harps! In fact, one of my early memories is of playing the part of the angel Gabriel in my school nativity play. I was dressed in a bed sheet and had a halo made of tinsel wrapped around a wire coat-hanger!

Since early childhood, my interpretations have changed. This is due to what I have experienced, both on the Earth plane and within the astral planes. Today, my understanding of angels is quite loose. I believe that angels are eternal spirits – as are we all. Some angel energies seem particularly drawn to help and protect certain Earthly beings – guardian angels. Some have had Earthbound lives and some have not. To me, an angel is simply a positive spiritual energy source – that's it. That's about as complicated as my beliefs are on the subject. Am I right? Who knows... I'd like to think that I'm open-minded enough to change my beliefs as I travel through this life and experience more.

What Should You Believe About Angels?

My advice, for what it's worth, is that you should believe in exactly what you want to! If you're religious, you may decide to follow your chosen religion's belief system. You might decide to be more eclectic, picking and choosing from the various angel belief systems around. Or, you may create your own belief system – unique to you alone. Whatever you choose is the right choice for you. If you choose to study angels (angelology), that's fantastic. If you think the whole topic is overcomplicated, that's great too. Like everything else in life, your choices and preferences are entirely yours.

As human beings, it seems to me, we are driven to try to understand and explain everything around us. Sometimes, if we can't explain something or have no 'solid proof' of it, we reject it entirely. I believe that not everything can be explained or proven. I believe that, in time, we will understand more but perhaps there will always be mysteries. Just because something can't be labelled or explained by science, doesn't mean it isn't real.

For me, angels and other spirit energies are real and are around us all the time. You can make a firm decision concerning what you believe in and what you dismiss, or you can choose to remain open and flexible. Our world is continually evolving – our spiritual and practical understanding is changing all the time.

Good luck on your personal journey with angels. Even if you choose not to believe in them, it's my conviction that they will always believe in you.

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