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An Image Concerning Leornado Da Vinci and his channelled work

Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most famous artists who have claimed to channel their work

Was the Mona Lisa Channelled?

Was the famous Mona Lisa channelled?

An Image showing candles and incense

Candles and Incense

An Images of a Tree at Sunset

Relax and Focus

An Image of Naomi Walker Painting in her Studio

Let The Painting Create Itself

What is Channelled Art?

By Naomi Walker

The term channelled art refers to art that is created either by or with the help of a consciousness outside of the artist’s own normal state. Over time, many famous artists have reportedly channelled. Many artists who don't say they channel will often describe how they get ‘into the zone’ when they are painting. They say they become unaware of the passage of time or events around them. They later find they have created a beautiful painting. To me, that's a form of channelling. Whether the artist is channelling from an external entity or just in touch with their 'higher self' is open to debate.

Famous Channelling Artists

Leonardo Da Vinci is probably one of the most famous artists who have reported channelling paintings and there are many, many more. Some channelling artists report that the channelled energy is their own higher self. Some report channelling spirits of the dead, some report channelling spirits that have never been human and some claim they channel angels. There are even cases of people with no previously evident artistic ability suddenly reporting they are channelling the spirit of a great artist, Vincent Van Gogh for example. They then go on to create paintings with remarkable similarities to those by the original artist. Strange but true!

Channelling Art

When I channel, I set up my easel, paints and all my equipment so it is close at hand. Sometimes during a channelling, images come very quickly and there is no time to scramble around for the right brush or colour. If I'm working for someone, I will have close to me anything they have provided to help with the connection – perhaps photographs. I turn off my phone, lock the door and sometimes light a few candles. I may close the curtains and burn some incense. I have some favourite, quiet music that helps me to relax too.

I relax, and go ‘upwards and backwards’. This is a personal term I use to describe the feeling that I have when I am travelling to the place where I communicate with energy angels. It feels very much like falling upwards and backwards into the Universe, travelling passed stars, galaxies and colourful, cloudy nebulae. When I reach the place, the feeling is one of being connected to everything and everyone. I am aware of the paint brush in my hand but it seems to know where to go and the process is easy and enjoyable; relaxing and soothing. I always try to clear my mind of any preconceived ideas of how the painting should look and allow myself to be entirely guided by the energies I connect with.

Want to try it for yourself? Read more about the technique I use here.

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