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Keep Painting or Drawing Materials Close to Hand


Allow Your Thoughts to Flow


Surprising Images May Form in Your Head


One of My First and Still One of My Favourite Channelled Paintings


Be Ready For Surprises!

Try Channelling Art for Yourself

By Naomi Walker

If you would like to try channelling art for yourself, I recommend first practising how to 'get into the zone' without a paintbrush in your hand! It's all about meditation - being still, opening up your mind and allowing the ‘buzz’ of your thoughts to become as quiet as possible.

Learn How To Channel Art

There are many good books available that will help you learn how to meditate. But the basics are always about sitting (or lying) comfortably, allowing your mind to become blank (or as blank as you can manage) breathing deeply and relaxing.

Art Channelling Techniques

Some techniques use visualisations to help you to reach the meditative state. There are also audio tracks available of guided meditations, meaning that they may have music and a voice that guides you into a relaxed state. The important thing is that you practice reaching this relaxed and open state as often as possible. Don't worry about it being perfect. Thoughts and images are always going to pop into your head, when they do, simply dismiss them and push them away.

Making the step from this state of meditation and creating channelled art is simply a matter of intention, asking for guidance and waiting for a response! And, of course, having some painting or drawing materials to hand! Try not to imagine or predict what you will create, allow your art to create itself.

When I say 'intention', I simply mean that you must be clear in your mind that you are open to receiving guidance from energies and that you want to paint or draw the images you receive. It may help you to state your intention out loud before you attempt to channel and create your art.

So, state your intention, ask for guidance and wait... that's it, apart from patience... sometimes the energies can take some time to connect with you and it may take some practice sessions before you feel you've got it working as you want it to.

When it feels like the right time, you can start to paint or draw. Let it feel natural, like effortless doodling. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes and don’t try to force your drawing or painting to look like anything. Allow yourself to become an extension of your paintbrush, the conduit through which your paint is connected to the energies who are guiding you. See what happens and expect surprises!

I'd love to see your results, please email photographs of your channelled art to or connect with me on social media.

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