Spiritscapes Gallery

This gallery features some of the Spiritscapes I have created in the past. I use acrylic paints, pens and, sometimes, metal leaf to create the images I perceive. I paint directly onto box canvas, which means that the paintings are ready to hang. They are also light and easy to courier to their new homes. I also paint 'Astral Angels' paintings which feature the energies around myself and everyone else. Please visit the Angel Gallery here.

Spiritscapes feature our world as seen through the eyes of other entities. They also show the energies and frequencies that our planet transmits and its interpretation on the astral plane. To find out more about the channelling process, click here.

You'll find information under each image which describes the original size (approximately) and provides links to buy an energy print on box canvas (if available) or commission a similar original painting.

Spiritual artist, Naomi Walker

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Field of Gold painting

Field of Gold

Mitchel Beach Lost painting

Mitchel Beach Lost

Sun Crash painting

Sun Crash

The Beginning painting

Sun Bliss

Sun Worship painting

Sun Worship

The Beginning painting

The Beginning

Dunstanburgh Beach 2

Dunstanburgh Beach 2

Going Home painting

Going Home

Mare Germanicum painting

Mare Germanicum

Golden Beach painting

Golden Beach

Raa painting


Original Size: 40" x 60"

Original Painting is Available to Purchase. This is a heavily textured painting made with papier mache, clays, beads, glass, mirrors and paper.

Commission An Original Painting Like This One

Spiritual Art - Red Dawn painting

Red Dawn

Spiritual Art - Energy Divine painting

Energy Divine

Spiritual Art - The Tree of Life painting

The Tree of Life

You are so much more than the body in which you are travelling.

You are a spiritual being made of energy and vibrating at your own unique frequency.

Every living thing is connected by an energy web. We are all part of a glorious tapestry.

Read more about my personal spiritual story here.

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