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A Lucid Dream of the Dam

By Luigi Sciambarella

A photograph of Luigi Sciambarella

I realise I’m dreaming. I’m not sure how. Something feels different. It's night time. I sit up in bed and turn around to look towards the pillow. There’s just the pillow with the indentation where my head has been.

I stand up and walk towards the door. I spot check some objects in the room; they seem to be exact replicas of their physical counterparts. I decide to leave the room.

The landing is much larger than in the physical. A group of people are gathered, looking at me intensely... I feel a bit uneasy as some of them look sinister. I carefully head downstairs, maintaining eye contact with some of them, and head out through the front door.

Suddenly, it's sunny with a bright blue sky. Emotionally, I feel instantly at ease and this new feeling brings a new confidence to interact with the environment.

Ahead of me is a huge, man-made mountain with thousands of steps leading to its summit. It extends outwards to form a dam. There's the thunderous sound of crashing water which is flowing over the dam. I decide that walking up is not an option, so perform an instant 'jump' to a point near the summit.

I turn around to observe the scene below and for several minutes stand in awe. Mentally, I feel refreshed, alert and recharged. My vision is now 360 degrees and the scene appears infinite and far more vivid than physical senses can appreciate.

A thought enters my mind which feels alien and attracts my attention. I instantly know that the powerful water and the dam represent my subconscious, an infinite potential which is being held back. I decide that this lucid dream holds a valuable lesson in realising that potential.

I set the intention to remove the dam somehow and as I turn to face the mountain, I notice a door leading into a control room. Excitedly, I enter. There's no-one there, just silver mechanical contraptions and flashing wall-mounted display units. I approach one of them and notice that it's a touch screen. A voice enters my head: 'touch it'. I follow the guidance and a new screen appears with settings to manipulate that are all about ME! One setting reads, 'Ease of Lucid Dream Entry'. It's at the 30/40% difficulty level so I set this to 0% using a touch slider. This should make future explorations interesting!

An image of butterflies over water

I feel that I've accomplished what I needed to in this dream. I thank my guides for assisting and for providing symbols which were easy to understand. I feel a surge of vibrations in acknowledgement of my gratitude. Gently, I set the intention to move my physical right hand, this is my cue to return to the physical. I do so and awaken.

The vibrations remain with me for the duration of recalling and writing this experience in my dream journal.

About Luigi Sciambarella

Luigi is an Off-Campus, Residential and Outreach trainer for The Monroe Institute.

He says, "My journey into the exploration of consciousness began at an early age. This wasn’t deliberate, answers to some of life’s biggest questions arrived before I had a chance to ask them!  My early non-physical and lucid dreaming experiences left me with the knowledge that there is much more going on than what we can perceive through our physical senses."

Find out more about Luigi here

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