Angel Art - Birth of Angels painting

This website features the spiritually-inspired artwork of Naomi Walker, who creates Astral Angels and Spiritscapes.

The Universe is filled with much more than we currently understand. Science is now beginning to catch up with spirituality, in my opinion. Things we previously dismissed as fantasy are now being researched and understood.

Since I was a child, I have channelled and painted the energies that are all around us. I worked as a landscape painter for many years, yet found myself more and more drawn to my astrally-inspired work. Please read more about how I began to channel energies here.

I now create unique paintings for people from all over the world and offer hand-finished Energy Prints. Please enjoy your visit to my website and enjoy my images. If you'd like to discuss my work, I'm always happy to talk about my art and the process I use to create it, please contact me.

Spiritual Art - Going Home painting

About Me and my Work

I live and work in Northumberland in the UK. It's a beautiful part of the world with inspiring countryside and a fabulous coastline. I use this energy to create the Spiritscapes I paint. My Angel work is channelled from the energies that surround individuals, including myself. The images often come with their own messages. These paintings have a habit of finding the person who needs them. My work has been used all over the world for healing, meditation, astral travelling and other spiritual practices. Read more. I also share my personal insights and journal on the blog, please do visit and leave a comment.

Spiritual Art - Divine Energy painting

Channelled Original Work

Very often I work for individuals who want a painting that specifically relates to their energy, or the energy of their loved-ones - in this realm or the afterlife. I can work from photographs and other personal items to channel energy directly to create a unique painting for you. It really is an amazing process. I have some excellent testimonials from clients I've worked with.

As all my original paintings are created on box canvas, it means they are ready to hang without a frame and also very light, easy and affordable to send. I can courier your painting to you wherever you live in the world. I also provide a write-up of the images and impresssions I received during the channelling.

Angel Art - Nurture painting

Energy Prints of my Paintings

After starting to share my work on social media networks, I was amazed by the huge response to the images. Many people began to request prints of my work. The energy involved in the channelling is not changed by the reproduction process. I hand-finish Energy Prints and charge them with the original channelled energy. Energy Prints are now available of most of my paintings. Please visit the Energy Prints page of my website to find out how you can own a box canvas Energy Print.

Spiritual Art - Field of Gold painting

Galleries and Exhibitions

Since I began to paint professionally in 2009, I have exhibited in many galleries throughout the UK and also in Switzerland. I'm always happy to talk to galleries who would like to work with me and I'm also keen to get involved with exhibitions. So, if my work would fit with your current portfolio, please contact me.

Spiritual Art - Mitchell Beach Lost painting

Copyright Issues and Using my Images

I'm very happy for you to use my images as profile pictures or on your website. However, I do ask that you let me know that you are doing so, and also provide a link back to this site, or my Facebook page. Please note, I do not allow unauthorised print reproduction or sales of my digital images or writing. I'm happy to collaborate with you. If you would like to talk to me about this, please get in touch.

Angel Art - Blissful Fire Angel painting

Demonstrations, Talks & Link Exchange

I love to talk to people about my work and I'm happy to provide demonstrations for groups or events. As I also work as a professional writer, I'm able to write articles or blog posts for your website or publication, and you're welcome to link to any of my articles. I'm also very open to exchanging links with like-minded websites and social media pages. If you'd like to discuss this more, let me know.

So, What Now?

That's a short summary of who I am and what I do. There's a lot more information on this website. Please explore, I'd recommend you start by having a look at the Angel Gallery and the Spiritscape Gallery. See how the images affect you - do they evoke certain emotions?

Which images are you drawn to?

If you'd like to collaborate with me, just let me know. This is a big planet and more things connect us than keep us apart. In this modern world of digital communication, you are never further than a simple message away.

Enjoy your visit and please connect with me on social media

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Angel Art - Destiny painting
Angel Wings
Naomi Walker with Angel Wings

"We are all angels, we just need to remember how to fly"