Astral Angels Exhibitions and Galleries

Ascension angel painting on display at an exhibition
Exhibition Day at Alnwick Garden

Exhibition day at Alnwick Garden, Northumberland

An image of Majestic on display at an exhibition of angel art


I've exhibited my paintings all over the UK in various venues and in solo exhibitions. I've also exhibited in various areas of Switzerland and my work has travelled to private collections around the world.

Social media has made it possible for me to reach people in practically every country - and now modern technology means they can order my work online and have it delivered directly to them! The modern world is full of such opportunities for artists, yet there is still nothing quite like an exhibition. An exhibiton is a unique chance to really showcase work and to reach a new audience, ideally meeting them in person. In my opinion, an exhibition should be about more than the paintings on canvas, it should provide visitors with an experience and a knowledge of the process involved in the creative process. I'm always keen to exhibit my channelled paintings. If at all possible, I like to be actively involved in an exhibition. I enjoy discussing the process I follow when I'm painting and have found that people really enjoy seeing demonstrations.

Ideally, I'd like my exhibition to be a feast for the senses - something different to simply walking around a silent gallery admiring the artwork on the walls. With this in mind, I'm always open to collaborations with other artists, musicians and performers. My goal is to create a unique experience for visitors that will stay in their memory for a lifetime. If you're interested in exhibiting my artwork, or if you'd like to discuss collaborating with me - please, get in touch.

Naomi Walker's artwork at a Biscuit Factory Gallery exhibition

Exhibition at The Biscuit Factory Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

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Naomi Walker demonstrating channelling art at an exhibition

Demonstrations of my painting process usually get lots of attention

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I sell my work through a selection of galleries, currently all based in the UK. As my paintings are unusual, both in their appearance and in their creation process, I place great importance on choosing the right galleries to work with. I like to work with galleries that already have an existing portfolio that complements my work or that share similar ideals to myself.

That being said, I'm open to suggestions! I'm always happy to talk to gallery representatives who may be interested in selling my original paintings or prints.

Geographically allowing, I'm also keen to attend previews, get involved with promotions and provide demonstrations of my working methods. Contact me to find out more or to discuss an idea.

I'm also happy to work with spiritual websites and online galleries. Check out Anna Lubelska who created the Spiritual England website is very supportive of spiritual artists and likes to help them by showing their work on her website