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An Interview with the Late Colin Fry - Part 2

By Naomi Walker

Colin Fry photograph


Back in 2012, I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing the great Spiritualist Medium, Colin Fry. You can read Part 1 here. Following on from this, here's the second part of the conversation we enjoyed.

N. (continuing on from asking Colin why he says some spirit guides are too highly evolved to communicate with our plane) Is that because they are at a higher frequency than us?

C. Yes. A number of years ago, a group of very experienced healers and mediums formed a group and asked if I would go along so that Magnus could speak to them on a regular basis.

One of the questions they asked Magnus one evening was ‘What is unconditional love?’ He said that he would need an entire evening to explain unconditional love so met especially for this a month later. Magnus gave a two and a half hour lecture on unconditional love, which was recorded. When I came out of trance, I was amazed to see many of this group of seasoned Spiritualists with tears running down their faces.

Once I’m in trance, I’m oblivious of what is said and I have never listened to the recording but I get letters from all over the world from people who have. The last one was from a lady in Canada. She said, ‘My life was a tragedy. My mum and dad were killed in a car crash, 6 weeks after that my husband died of a heart attack, my daughter was abducted and murdered and then my son got a brain tumour and died. I lost my entire family in 6 months and I was suicidal. Someone handed me the tape and said that it might help. I listened to it and I felt like your guide was talking directly to me. It saved my life and gave me the will to live.’

People ask me why I don’t do more public trance work. It’s a very intense from of mediumship and I don’t think that many of the public could cope with it. Many of those who are closest to me can’t cope with it. Neither Mikey or my ex-partner could deal with it and my ex-manager used to have to leave the room. You have to understand what you are watching and experiencing. You can only present to people what they are ready to deal with, anything more is too much.

N. People relate to you well because on stage make everyone feel comfortable. Would this scare them too much?

C. Perhaps. That’s because I am very aware of why people come to me. Even when I’m working with an audience of over a thousand people, I have to give as many as I can what they came for. Many years ago, the guide of a medium I knew was asked what the purpose of mediumship was. He said, ‘To heal the sick, to comfort the grieving and to bind broken hearts.’

Every night, when I walk onto a stage, that is always in my mind.

N. If people on the other side are so eager to communicate with us, and we are so eager to communicate with them – what stops everyone from being able to do so?

C. Because not everyone should have it and not everyone should want to have it. I have known mediums who have been driven insane by it.

N. Are there many mediums who cannot cope with their gift?

C. I know mediums who, even though they operate on a mental level, really can’t cope with it. You have to be psychologically very strong to do this work. I was once asked to be involved in a murder case. I went to the scene and got a connection with the 17-year-old victim. I asked her to show me what had happened. It was like time rolled back and I witnessed a 17-year-old girl being brutally murdered, right in front of me. It traumatised me for days.

Even when I’m on platform, I’m sometimes reduced to tears. A little while back, I met a couple. He had passed over and she was this side of life. I could feel how much they loved each other, the tears just welled up in my eyes. I thought, ’I’ve got to be articulate and sensitive enough in the small amount of time I have, to convey this man’s love to his wife. He may never get another chance.’

It’s a huge responsibility we take on. I worry sometimes that some working mediums do not appreciate the enormity of this responsibility.

N. Do you think that some people are working mediums for the wrong reasons?

C. I was a very well-known medium in the spiritual community before TV happened for me. I’d already toured Australia three times and been invited to Japan. I didn’t want TV. Most well-known mediums I know who are on TV didn’t ask for it. We were approached because of our reputation.

Sometimes I look at the new generation, who say they want to work on TV, have a theatre tour – an X Factor moment - and I think, ‘Wouldn’t you rather be a medium and a healer because at the end of the day, that’s what we are?’ I’m not at the height of my popularity, that was six or seven years ago, but I said all along that it wouldn’t last. But I will always still be what I have always been - a medium and a healer.

N. Do you think that your popularity on TV and the popularity of other TV mediums has brought the subject of the survival of death to the attention of people who would never have come across it otherwise?

C. If I inspire people to think deeper, that’s great. You fundamentally have a role. A complete person knows, or is looking for that role in the universe. The greatest reward in life is knowledge and the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve done something good, not fame or possessions.

N. My path was influenced by reading Doris Stokes books as a child. Did you ever come across Doris?

C. I was very fortunate to have met Doris. She was a very sweet lady. The first time, I was 16, she was appearing at The Dome in Brighton. Watching her demonstrate was amazing. A friend of mine was working there and got us tickets. He arranged for us to go backstage and meet her. She was sitting there with her husband, John. She said to me, ‘Voices will come out of the air all around you. You’re going to become very famous. You will travel the world.’ She named the countries I would visit.

Much later on in life, I realised that she had named them in the order that I eventually visited them! She told me that my greatest success would start when I was 40. At 16 that seemed ancient to me! She was right. I was signed up for TV when I was 40.

N. Do Spirit often give you predictions?

C. I think they can see where a path is going but they can’t predict the deviations from the path. People do often ask for predictions. They ask should I marry this man or should I buy this house. I tell them that if they have to ask the question, then they probably already know what the answer is.

N. Did you experience out-of-body journeys when you were a child?

C. Yes, I’ve done it all my life. I used to shock people by telling them what they had been doing! I told a family member about a terrible argument I’d seen between him and his wife. I’ll never forget the look on his face!

I didn’t do it for a number of years. Then in my 20s, I thought I’d try again. I got out of my body, through the window, went down the road and had a wander about. But when I got back to my body, I couldn’t get back into it! I tried everything but just kept bouncing away. Then I realised that I was trying to go in face forwards, I turned around and got back in easily.

N. Do you have experiences of physical mediumship?

C. Once, during a séance, Spirit put me straight through a brick wall into another room, tied up with my own tie and belt. The séance had come to an end. When they turned up the red light my chair was empty. The circle leader had the only key to the room in his pocket and everything in the room was intact. They searched but couldn’t find me. When they unlocked the room, there I was outside with my hands tied behind my back with my tie and my legs trussed together with my belt.

N. Did you have awareness of what had happened?

C. Yes. I could see them (Spirit) rushing me towards a mirror on the wall and thought I was going to crash into it. I passed through the mirror and the wall behind. I could see all the sand and grit in it.

I don’t talk about my physical mediumship anymore. I have a great deal of passion for the subject but I see what passes for physical mediumship now, I don’t want to be involved. I used to do a monthly séance, it had a huge waiting list. But I realised that people were more interested in the spectacle. It was a circus. I thought, ‘This demeans spiritual communication and this demeans my ability.’

N. Are you in trance when you are on stage?

C. Yes. Some nights I am almost on autopilot, not even aware of what I’m saying. The communication is flowing. Other nights I have to focus more.

I’ve got a bit on a conundrum at the moment. I know I’m going to carry on with the touring but I have this feeling that my life is going to take a new path. I’m very keen to get my ministry sorted out. I will continue to do my blessings, namings and funerals, which I have done for years, but I’m also keen to do prison visiting.

N. What’s the inspiration behind the prison visiting?

C. The people that do wrong have to be contained, especially if they are a danger to others. But our whole system of crime and punishment doesn’t work. I also believe that the death penalty is morally wrong, although sometimes it seems like the easiest answer. My feelings have always been that punishment without rehabilitation, forgiveness or redemption just doesn’t work. If you cannot reconcile someone who has done wrong to society, no matter how heinous their crime, then we cannot evolve.

N. Do you think these people are born with a bad spirit?

C. I believe all spirits are born pure and untainted. If we don’t want bad people in the world then we have to stop doing bad things to them as they evolve.

N. So it’s by caused social conditioning and learned behaviours?

C. Yes. When people do wrong, look at their history. There are always pointers. Something turns them. We are all a product of the influences that are imposed upon us.

N. Do you believe that we all have the capacity for good and evil?

C. Yes. Definitely. I have a vile temper and can be an absolute bitch but I am also capable of good - as we all are. You cannot have light without dark, you cannot have day without night.

N. Does all life have a spirit, what about animals?

C. All life has a spirit, all life evolves. Spirit from all life becomes something more. We know at one time on this planet there were dinosaurs. They ceased to be but people have claimed to see dragons. There are legends of unicorns and phoenixes.

What if these things they have seen are evolved spiritual forms of life that once was?

And pets – a personal story: I was lecturing in Sweden and my old dog, Lady, had a very bad stroke. My mother had to phone me and tell me. Lady was in such a terrible state, I told my mother to do the decent thing. Lady was taken to the vets and put to sleep.

Three days later, I came home in the early hours of the morning. I turned the hall light on and there she was waiting on the landing for me where she always had done. As soon as I acknowledged her, she faded away.

Lots of people ask me if their pets have spirits and if they will be reunited with them. Of course you will. But just as human spirits gravitate towards other human spirits, so ultimately animal spirits gravitate to spirit energy of their own kind.

N. Finally, Colin, what’s your opinion of the shift and the massive upheavals predicted by many for December 2012?

C. The world is in a constant state of change and flux. People have been saying that the end of the world is just around the corner for years. When the world doesn’t end, it will be next year, or the year after. But the world has had disasters throughout the course of history and it will happen again at some point.

The answer to resolve the world’s debt problem is for them just to tear it up and start again. Then we should work to make the barren lands of the planet fertile again. But the only way that this will happen is for there to be some cataclysmic event. If that’s what it takes, then I see it as a positive thing.

If you look at history, every great civilisation has risen to a point and is then ultimately corrupted. That’s the state we are in right now.

Magnus says, ‘If you cannot live like welcome guests on your world, you are like fleas on a dog and a dog will ultimately scratch if you irritate him too much. The world is going to kick back soon and say, ‘There’s too many of you, you’re not behaving right, I’m going to have to cleanse some of you off, not because I want to but because I have to.’’

Magnus has made many predictions. Many years ago he predicted the financial collapse. He also predicted the fall of churches and said that science would poison the world. He has also said, ‘A great fire will spread across the world and those that can flee will flee, but many will be consumed by the flames as they don’t have the will or the understanding to flee. Save what you can and what cannot be saved will be lost. If you are wise, you will rebuild but do not do what other civilisations have done before, do not build on the rotten foundations. Start again.’

Read the first part of this interview here.

Colin, you were a lovely man and will continue to be missed.

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