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As well as painting, I enjoy writing and work as a copywriter (see To help people understand the process I use to create my paintings, I began to write about channelling and my interpretation of angels and energies. I soon realised there were a number of articles I'd previously written that might interest visitors to this website. With this in mind, I decided to create a library here.

As well as writing myself, I've been lucky enough to meet some very talented writers over the last few years. With their permission, and with full attribution to the authors and/or websites, I've included some of my favourite articles for you to enjoy.

Some of the articles are on this website and some titles you will find link to content on other websites.

The topics are shown in white text and the articles in blue. Please click on the article title to read. Please feel free to share any articles you enjoy on social media, using the 'share' button at the foot of the copy.

Astral Angels Submissions

If you would like to submit any of your own articles for inclusion on this website, please email them directly to me. If they are used on the website you will, of course, be credited as the author. Similarly, if you have any content on the internet you would like me to link to, get in touch.

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