A little bit about me, I’m an artist from Northumberland in the UK. I live near to Alnwick, which is where the Harry Potter movies are filmed! I’ve painted for as long as I can remember and now work as an artist full time. I do much of my work from home, where I also care for my daughter and pets. You can read my journal on the blog.


Northumberland is a very beautiful place to live. However, I've travelled to far more stunning places – without even leaving my house!

The first time I remember channelling, I was five years old. I didn’t know what I was doing at the time but I remember sitting on the bottom stair in my parents’ house and closing my eyes. I made myself fall ‘backwards and upwards’ into the universe, travelling through stars and colours until I came to a special place that I associated more with a feeling than any sight or sound. Read more about my journey here.

Angel Painting

One of the first angel paintings I created as a child

The feeling I discovered during my spiritual wanderings, that I didn’t have the words for at that young age, I now recognise as unity and inter-connected energies. I would see lights and spirits that would sometimes communicate with me or sometimes bring a certain feeling or emotion with them. At five, I was simply doing something that I enjoyed and I thought that everyone did the same. At nine, I started to make spells and practice witchcraft – although, at the time, again, I knew nothing of what I was doing – I just thought everyone did the same things!


As I grew older, I began to combine my ‘spiritual’adventuring' with my love of art. I began to paint what I saw and felt. Many of my paintings featured spirit beings, who I came to recognise as entities and angel energies from the Universe. I realised that if I focussed on a friend or family member, I could receive visions and information meant for them. I could paint what I saw and felt and then they would be able to see what I could! Many people who saw my work were incredibly moved.

Over the years, my channelled paintings became more and more popular and I now spend a lot of my time on this work. (I also create landscape paintings, have a look at (www.skyspirit.co.uk) I work with people from all over the world, channelling for them and painting the energies and messages I receive. I love what I do and I’m happy to be able to channel energies who really do want to make a difference to people’s lives and bring light and happiness into so many places that need it.