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Commission a painting like Energy Divine

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If you'd like a special painting that is created uniquely for you, please consider commissioning me to create it!

I can work to your specifications, including colour, content and size. Or you can specify as few details as you like and ask me to channel the energies around you during the creation. People all over the world have my paintings. Many use them for healing, meditation and work in the astral and spiritual planes.

If the 'channelling' issue freaks you out a bit, don't worry! Ask me about it. It's completely natural and involves the frequencies that every living thing transmits. You can also read about my channelling process here.

Have a look at my Angel Gallery and Spiritscapes Gallery and see which images you are drawn to.

All my paintings are created on box canvas. Box canvas is canvas that is stretched over a wooden frame. This means that it is ready to hang directly onto your wall without the need of an additional frame. It also means that my paintings are light and easy to courier to any corner of our beautiful planet! I also sell signed Giclee prints and other digitally printed products.

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