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A White Feather is Often a Sign of An Angel

A White Feather Can Be a Sign

Butterflies Can be a Sign of Angels

Butterflies Are Associated With Messages From Angels and Spirits

Rainbows are Signs of Angels

Look to The Skies

Can Storms be Signs of Angels?

Ask For a Sign!

The Watcher is an Angel Painting by Naomi Walker

The Watcher

7 Signs Your Angels Are With You

By Naomi Walker

Angels and Earth energies are around us all the time. Although many of us can't see them, they make themselves known by using subtle messages. Ask for a sign that angels are nearby and they'll respond.

  • Nothing in life is coincidence. If the same numbers keep showing up for you, particularly double numbers like 11:11, an angel is sending you a sign. The same rule applies for words, start to notice when you keep hearing the same words or phrases.
  • White feathers appear where you least expect them to be – this is a message from an angel. Animals, butterflies, birds and dragonflies start to be attracted to you, or act strangely when you're around. This is another sign from the angels.
  • You get goosebumps or a chill. You may grow warm, have a tickling sensation or suddenly have a feeling of well-being. Our bodies can detect angel energies that our eyes may not see.
  • Ask your angels for help when you have a problem. You'll be surprised how quickly they will respond... and always thank them for their help!
  • Angels use the voices of those around us to give us messages. If you're struggling with an issue, listen to people's advice – especially if they weren't even aware of your struggle.
  • Be aware of flashes of light around you, tiny lights or orbs seen from the corner of your eye – this often means an angel is nearby.
  • Look to the clouds. Cloud formations and rainbows are often sent as a message that you are never alone – your angels are always with you and will always try to help when you are struggling.

  • Read about my personal angel journey here.

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